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Welcome to our web site!

This original logo t-shirt has been designed to commemorate the date of November 20th, 2007.  On this date in Japan the revised Immigration Control and refugee Act took effect, enforcing mandatory biometric fingerprinting and facial photographing of all foreign nationals entering or reentering Japan.  The creation of this unique t-shirt is in response to this policy.
To "voice" your displeasure with the policy please wear your t-shirt proudly as you pass through the immigration procedures at Japan customs and immigration control.

T-shirts are not merely clothing or fashion, they can be a reflection of who you are and what you believe in.
Wearing this tee allows you to express your displeasure with many current Japanese government and police policies that carry an undercurrent of xenophobia, especially the blanket approach to fingerprinting all "foreigners" each and every time they enter the country.
Comfortable, stylish, and with an important message to say.  This shirt is a "must have" in any t-shirt collection.
"Yokoso" means "welcome" in Japanese.

The travel shirt with a social conscience.

Airplane Taking Off
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